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About Us

What is PREMi?

PREMi is an organization of attorney dispute resolution experts who have numerous years of experience in both conflict resolution processes and subject matter knowledge in many industries and disciplines.

PREMi Video Conference Now Available

The Michigan Supreme Court has temporarily adjourned all civil and family law cases.  The federal court dockets have likewise slowed down considerably.  PREMi offers litigants and their attorneys who nevertheless wish to resolve their cases now video conferencing options through Zoom and similar platforms. These platforms provide a safe, speedy, economical, and confidential environment for dispute resolution.

What WE Do…

Courtroom litigation can be expensive in both dollars and time.
That’s why you need PREMi.

Mediation: For lasting resolutions

Why PREMi? PREMi’s independent mediators have years of experience successfully helping parties settle a wide variety of disputes. Mediation allows the parties to shape their own resolutions, resulting in agreements that last.
What is mediation? A PREMi… 



Arbitration: A Streamlined process to reach a decision

PREMi can customize an arbitration process to your unique case.  We are innate problem solvers with a full range of subject matter expertise, able to focus on the issues and facts in the case and determine the right process. Feel free to call us Today.



Med-arb: An adaptation to conventional arbitration

Med-Arb is a combination of both resolution processes – Mediation and Arbitration.  The parties agree in advance that they will first try to resolve the matter by mediation, and if they are not successful in resolving the dispute, then a PREMi… 


Speak to a Dedicated Dispute Resolution Expert

PREMi is prepared to help you find the right ADR professional – the best fit for process and subject matter expertise–to meet the unique needs of your dispute.  Contact Executive Director Bill Weber Who will walk you through your options.

Plan a First Meeting

Whether by text, email, phone, video conference, or in person, PREMi will facilitate the first contact among attorneys and parties to help you design a dispute resolution process to fit your particular dispute.  Do you need a facilitator, evaluator, negotiation coach, or an arbitrator?  How many sessions?  Who should attend?  A PREMi professional can help you answer these critical questions and more.

Find the Right Mediator

A legal dispute can be one of the most difficult experiences a person may ever deal with. It is important that your mediator is a “good fit” for all participants and that the mediator is effective in resolving the dispute. 

Premi Spotlight


by Oakland County
Legal News

Six PREMi professionals dominated the Annual ADR Meeting in October. In light of the pandemic associated with Covid-19, the meeting this year was virtual rather than in person. PREMi presenters were Lisa Taylor, Dick Hurford, Bill Gilbride, Sheldon Stark, Martin Weisman and Bob Wright.

Mediator of the Month

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